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Recruitment in Hydraulics and Pneumatics

In Situ is a leading specialist in the recruitment of applicants in Hydraulics and in Pneumatics. In Situ advise you in your recruitment process!

In Situ offers to its customers the possibility to find out for them hydraulic and pneumatic applicants. Thanks to its strong skills and experience in Hydraulics and Pneumatics, In Situ is able to find THE candidate that will fit the employment. In Situ has the competence to evaluate the hydraulic or pneumatic skills of an applicant for a specific job, will COACH him and even TRAIN him for him to fit exactly the job requirements.

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You need to hire new competences?

In Situ offers you:

  • Help in the decision making for recruitment of hydraulic or Pneumatic engineers, technicians, sales people…
  • Research and recruitment of Hydraulic or Pneumatic applicants
  • Coaching of new employees entering your company
  • Training of new employees



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