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Personnel Provision

Hydraulic expertise in your company

In Situ is a specialist in the provision of skilled and highly experienced Professionals in Hydraulics. With more than 40 experts in Hydraulics, In Situ offers companies that require specific skills the possibility to access high qualified personnel.

We can place one or more hydraulic experts in your company, for the duration required to work on hydraulic studies in your drawing office or Research and Development department. We offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from the important experience and technical competences of our Hydraulic Experts.
We work with equipment manufacturers on hydraulic surveys, qualification of equipment, FMEA, certification and design...

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Our hydraulic In Situ experts analyze existing machine concepts and devise and develop equipment designs in complete objectivity.

  • Creating a specification booklet
  • Complete survey of hydraulic equipment
  • Updating of plans and technical files
  • Assistance in drawing up documentation
  • Monitoring of the manufacture and commissioning
  • Realization and validation of diagrams
  • Component Selection
  • Advice on investments
  • On-site expertise of hydraulic equipment
  • Expertise on files (Warranty and civic liability issues)

Their experience and specific technical skills are at your service : these are specialists in our field capable of providing technical solutions in line with the financial aspects.

They trust us :

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Venez découvrir nos cours vidéos en ligne. 9 mini cours de 2mn sur l'hydraulique dans notre boutique.
In Situ Experts in Hydraulics - 24 rue de la garenne 44700 ORVAULT -FRANCE Tel: +33 2 40 63 82 66 Fax: +33 2 40 40 14 98 Contact us